July 6, 2017

New eStar demos now available: Outpatient Whiteboard, documenting medication administrations

The EpicLeap team recently finalized and released two new demos of eStar to give employees a glimpse into some of the system’s more interesting functions. The first demo, which is the latest installment in the “Getting to Know” series, focuses on how eStar will help users to easily document a medication administration.

The second demo caters to the management of outpatient clinic visits via the Outpatient Whiteboard (OPWB). Although Epic does not have comparable functionality to the OPWB standard within its software, the EpicLeap team was aware of the popularity of this tool and became determined to transform it into something that would function in the new eStar ecosystem.

EpicLeap team members worked directly with Epic to build more than 70 columns that will help to meet this need of our clinics, and the team is happy to say that this feature is in scope for Go Live. This new demo demonstrates the way that the OPWB will look and feel in eStar.

Be sure to check out both of these new demos here.