July 20, 2017

PSR appreciation events set for next week

VUMC will hold its annual Patient Service Representitive (PSR) Appreciation Event in three locations and days next week, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in each location:


·         7/24/17: One Hundred Oaks, Rooms 26102-26104

·         7/25/17: Williamson County (Edward Curd Lane), 3rd Floor Conference Room

·         7/27/17: Main Campus – TVC, Rooms 2701-2704


In order to accommodate lunch for all PSRs, it is very important that they enroll for the event on the appropriate day. We will need to ensure that we have enough food ordered.

Similar to last year, organizers will be using the Learning exchange for event registration. Please click on the link below to register for a session.

Please click here to choose the session you wish to attend.

For those limited by clinic location or patient flow concerns, organizers will work to ensure that there are options to help recognize and celebrate PSRs at your location.

Should you wish to review alternative options, please contact: Lauren Luster at Lauren.L.Luster@vumc.org or 615-875-0673 as soon as possible. 

Organizers are also asking for clinic managers to help spread appreciation for PSRs throughout the week, such as acknowledging and recognizing PSRs in staff meetings, distributing cards or rounding to say thank you.

For more information, contact Lauren Luster at Lauren.L.Luster@vumc.org  or Laura Meyer at Laura.P.Meyer@vumc.org.