August 15, 2017

Initiative renews focus on Vanderbilt Patient and Family Promise

In mid-September, six weeks before the Nov. 2 launch of eStar, VUMC employees will receive quick reminders on ways to best keep the Vanderbilt Patient and Family Promise, a guiding principle that was created by patients and providers and adopted at VUMC in 2013.

“We know from other places that have implemented Epic that their patient satisfaction scores typically dip both before and after launch due to many factors, so Patient Experience Director Brian Carlson and I were tasked with creating a patient communications effort to address that, one element of which is reinforcing the Patient and Family Promise,” said Director of Patient and Family Engagement Terrell Smith.

The Vanderbilt Patient and Family Promise includes these six elements:

1) Include you as the most important member of your health care team

2) Respect your right to privacy

3) Work with you to coordinate your care.

4) Personalize your care with a focus on your values and needs.

5) Communicate clearly and regularly.

6) Serve you and your family with kindness and respect.

The VUH and VCH Patient and Family Advisory Councils were surveyed to develop a list of ways these six promise elements can be achieved by VUMC employees. Next, AdviseVanderbilt, an online advisory group of more than 5,000 individuals in three states, will narrow down those ideas to create the final communication to be distributed to employees in mid-September, Smith said.

Each week before eStar launch, a message will be distributed through MyVUMC featuring one element of the Promise, with quick ideas on how to achieve that element. The communication will reinforce the importance and commitment to the Vanderbilt Patient and Family Promise.