August 17, 2017

PolicyTech debuts VUMC dashboard

A new feature is coming to PolicyTech on Monday, August 14th – the VUMC Dashboard. After logging in, users will see three Widgets: “My Tasks,” “To the VUMC Community,” and “Recently Published Documents.”

“My Tasks” is a simple, dynamic indicator showing each user’s total number of assignments and % completed. This will be most helpful for document Owners, Reviewers, and Approvers.

“To the VUMC Community” is a space for broadcasting messages to the entire organization, and will include links to the basic Job Aids for Searching, Browsing, and Linking to documents in PolicyTech.

“Recently Published Documents” is another dynamic widget, with a running list of the 25 most-recently published policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in PolicyTech.

Users will also have the ability (via “My Dashboard”) to add other helpful widgets, like “My Favorite Documents” and “My Recently Accessed Documents.” To add a document to your Favorites list, just click the star next to the title.



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact