August 29, 2017

Parking, safety and security information for eStar training at One Hundred Oaks

The safety of all employees who will be attending eStar training is a high priority for the EpicLeap Team. To help ensure employees arrive to their cars safely following their classroom training sessions, additional security measures have been set up at the parking areas located at OHO and the Fairgrounds, effective throughout the duration of the training period:


  • VUPD will check the OHO Training Center several times per day and patrol it at night
  • A VUPD officer will be stationed, throughout the duration of the training period, in the large employee parking area near Entrance A (entrance closest to the movie theater)
  • The officer will have his/her car lights on and remain until the completion of training classes every evening
  • Colleagues may leave the Training Center through the OHO clinic areas and exit the building near Entrance A (the building is locked beginning at 6 p.m.)
  • Police escorts are available for those walking alone (please call 615-322-2745 to request an escort)


  • Shuttle boarding areas will be well-marked
  • Parking lots will be well-lit in the evening hours
  • A security guard will patrol the parking areas at all times throughout the duration of the training period
  • The on-duty security guard will respond to all questions and concerns
  • Shuttle drivers may be able to accommodate staff member requests to be dropped off near their cars (nighttime only)

For more information on parking and transportation for eStar training at OHO, click here.