August 29, 2017

Resources now available to help with communicating with patients at eStar Go Live

The EpicLeap Team has created several resources for employees who will be visible to patients during the Go Live of eStar to help them effectively communicate the transition. These resources will help to ensure that VUMC continues to make a good impression on patients and their families during Go Live. Employees can now reference:

  • A guide for how they can discuss the transition with patients in a positive way
  • A video to remind them of the impact that words and gestures can have on patients and their fellow colleagues
  • Talking points for managers to lead discussions with their team members

As VUMC makes the transition to eStar, faculty and staff should remember to:

  • Manage up by talking about eStar in a positive way
  • Be aware of their body language and the message it can send to patients
  • Keep our Credo and Patient Promise in mind

By communicating about eStar in a positive way, employees will help ensure VUMC has a seamless Go Live from the perspective of our patients.