August 29, 2017

eStar Playground, Cyber Cafes allow employees to practice the skills they learn in training

During VUMC's quarterly Leadership Assembly on Aug. 9, keynote speaker Michelle Schreiber of the Henry Ford Health System spoke about her institution's switch to Epic and noted the important role that practice played in its success. The EpicLeap Team strongly encourages employees to spend at least two hours practicing the skills they learn in training by accessing the eStar Playground.

Employees will gain access to the eStar Playground following their scheduled classroom training sessions. The Playground is an Epic environment that will allow colleagues to explore the new system prior to Go Live without any HIPAA or data concerns. Populated with fictitious, but realistic, patients, this designated environment provides employees with the opportunity to see how their daily tasks will look in real-life scenarios post-Go Live.

The environment is designed to replicate the training environment that is used in class, and employees will be able to navigate it with the aid of an exercise booklet. For more information on how employees can access the eStar Playground following their training sessions, click here.

In addition to accessing the Playground, colleagues may want to attend a Cyber Café, which is an event that will be staffed by members of the Training Team. These staff members will be available to answer questions and guide colleagues through the Playground and their exercise booklets. More details on when and where these Cyber Cafés will take place will be available soon.