September 7, 2017

EpicLeap Cyber Cafe events begin on Sept. 11

During September and October, the EpicLeap Training Team will be hosting a series of events throughout the Medical Center known as Cyber Cafés. Cyber Cafés are designed to provide additional support for those practicing in the eStar Playground. The events will be staffed by members of the Training Team, who will be on hand to answer questions and help guide colleagues through the Playground and their exercise booklets.

Cyber Cafés provide colleagues with the opportunity to get extra practice navigating the new system following their in-class training sessions, which will allow them to be more prepared to deliver and support excellent patient care during Go Live on Nov. 2. It is recommended that all employees who will have access to eStar spend at least two hours practicing in the Playground.

Colleagues do not need to sign up to attend a Cyber Café, and they may come and go as they need. The Training Team will have computers set up in each location that are configured to access the eStar Playground, as well as copies of each course’s exercise booklet.

For more information on these events, including the dates, times and locations of upcoming cafés, click here.