September 12, 2017

Troubleshooting tips for completing eLearnings in the Learning Exchange

If you are having trouble getting your eLearnings for EpicLeap training to load or show as “complete” within the Learning Exchange, please reference the troubleshooting tips below for guidance on what may be causing the issue:

  • Make sure you have viewed every page in the eLearning
    • Some courses may let you skip around, but it won’t show as “complete” until you’ve viewed every page
  • Make sure you have answered all questions at the end of the course
  • If possible, use Google Chrome as your browser, as opposed to Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • Make sure you don’t have a pop-up blocker enabled on your computer. This will prevent content from loading.
  • Close the course’s pop-up window before going back to check your completion status
  • Make sure you are working in an area that has a strong Wi-Fi signal
  • Clear your browser cache and reload the course/page:
    • Open Google Chrome
    • On your browser’s toolbar, click “More” and then “More tools”
    • Click “Clear browsing data”
    • In the "Clear browsing data" box, click the checkboxes for “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”
    • Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Choose “Beginning of time” to delete everything.
    • Click “Clear browsing data”
  • If you experience the same issues over several different eLearnings, try using a different computer
    • Note: You don’t have to be on the Vanderbilt Network to use the Learning Exchange; simply paste the following link into your browser to sign in:
  • Don’t repeat the course multiple times—if you are unable to resolve the issue, let us know by emailing