October 10, 2017

Synergy now available as a mobile app

Synergy logo

Synergy logo

The developers of Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s (VUMC) popular online on-call schedule platform “Synergy” have just released a new version of the tool that can be accessed on the go.

The new Synergy mobile application provides authorized clinical users of VUMC’s communication platform with secure access to the call schedules, contact information and messaging functionality that are currently utilized via the Synergy desktop app. This includes features such as schedule views, searching capabilities, rotation schedules, team schedules, team pagers, service pagers and group paging. Additionally, users of the mobile app will be able to access all of their own schedule entries in one place—under “My Schedule”—even if they are listed on multiple schedules. This feature is new with the mobile app.

Other conveniences of Synergy Mobile include a “Favorites” list for quick communication with those whom users contact most, customization options that allow users to quickly toggle “on” and “off” their personal homepage filters, and the ability to call, text or email anyone with a Synergy record straight from a user’s cell phone. Synergy records are not limited to providers or even to VUMC employees, as many referring physicians are also listed in the platform.

Synergy is a tool that was created in-house by VUMC employee Bobby Addison in 2003. Pediatric Critical Care was the first department to add and maintain its on-call schedules through the platform, and this use quickly expanded to the entire Pediatrics division. In the fall of 2011, VUMC’s Medical Board named Synergy as the central online location for on-call schedules.

Since its release to the entire Medical Center, Synergy has become widely used, receiving more than 2 million call schedule views in FY2016 alone. Additionally, more than 357,000 text pages were sent using the tool just last year.

Synergy is supported by the Staff Scheduling Product Group in the HealthIT Ancillary Business and Operations Portfolio and maintained by HealthIT Product Development. Each VUMC department has designated employees who maintain their own department’s information. Users can find out who is authorized to make updates to a particular schedule by using the “Who Updates this Schedule” link above every monthly schedule in the desktop app, or by using the call schedule information icon inside the mobile app.

Synergy is currently available to all VUMC departments and employees, and can be accessed via an iOS or Android device or by using the website.

Synergy Mobile iOS app: Download Synergy Mobile for iOS here.

Synergy Mobile Android app: Download Synergy Mobile for Android here.

Synergy full site: https://synergy.mc.vanderbilt.edu/

Synergy mobile site (not app): https://synergy.mc.vanderbilt.edu/mobile/