October 10, 2017

Reminder: Non-exempt staff must clock in and out for eStar training

The Chief Executives and Chief Operating Officers for all VUMC entities would like to remind all non-exempt staff who are attending eStar training sessions that they must clock in and out for training using the Kronos stations located inside the Training Centers. Non-exempt employees may not attend training if they do not clock in.

The Kronos stations are located near the Training Center entrances at both One Hundred Oaks and the Critical Care Tower. EpicLeap Training staff will be on hand to assist with the process as needed, and there are instructions located next to the machines to help outline this process. Non-exempt staff must use the Kronos stations even if they normally use the web version of Kronos to record their time.

Instructions for clocking in and out for eStar training can be found here, and more information on this process is outlined in this FAQ list. Please see a member of the Training Team if you have any questions.