October 10, 2017

VUMC in the news

A roundup of a few recent stories from the press about Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, reporters wanted to ask VUMC experts about the preparations to deal with so many victims. News organizations working on such stories included The Tennessean, WebMD, Healthline, WSMV News 4, WKRN News 2, and MedPage Today. Those interviewed included Oscar Guillamondegui, M.D., professor of Surgery; Corey Slovis, M.D., professor and chair of Emergency Medicine; Alex Jahangir, M.D., medical director of the Vanderbilt Center for Trauma, Burn, and Emergency Surgery; and Jeff Mangrum, director of Emergency Preparedness. In addition, Jon Ebert, Psy.D., associate professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, spoke to WKRN News 2 about how parents can discuss traumatic events in the news with their children.

Huff Post printed an article by William Schaffner, M.D., professor of Preventive Medicine, about flu care for adults over age 65. Schaffner also spoke about the flu and flu vaccines to Business Insider, WCBS-TV (New York), CBS Newspath, and WebMD.

Schaffner was also quoted in a National Geographic piece about necrotizing fasciitis — flesh-eating bacteria.

VUMC’s baby boom — an increase of deliveries at the hospital — was the subject of a story on WKRN News 2. Adam Huggins, M.D., assistant professor of  Obstetrics and Gynecology, was interviewed for the piece, as were several new parents.

The New York Times reporter Bill Pennington interviewed William Schaffner, M.D., professor of Preventive Medicine, for a story about using ozone gas machines to sanitize sports equipment as a MRSA prevention effort in athletic settings such as the NFL, major universities and high schools.