October 26, 2017

New EpicLeap video outlines what will happen during VUMC's transition to eStar

The EpicLeap team recently released a video designed to help prepare colleagues for VUMC’s Go Live of eStar on Nov. 2. This video serves as a high-level overview of what will be happening during Go Live and includes details on:

  • What to expect during Go Live and system downtime
  • The types of support staff that will be readily available to employees
  • The process for reporting and resolving issues with the new system
  • The Go Live daily communication plan
  • Important Go Live communication features that will be available on Hubbl — the enterprise’s communication and task management tool for all things EpicLeap

The video also includes some important reminders for faculty and staff, highlighted by VUMC’s Executive Chief Nursing Officer Marilyn Dubree, MSN, R.N., and VUMC’s Chief Medical Officer and Patient Experience Officer Paul Sternberg Jr., M.D.

Colleagues can view the video here.