December 7, 2017

EpicLeap program approaches Stabilization phase

The Medical Center’s transition to eStar is rapidly evolving in the direction of Stabilization. While many issues with eStar’s functionality and workflows are still being addressed, the focus has shifted from a “let’s get through this” attitude to concentrating on remaining issues that are still in need of a resolution, with only a few broken workflows, printers or security templates left to be fixed.

The initial Go Live phase, which was expected to last roughly three to four weeks, has focused on getting the new system up and running, making sure colleagues could safely deliver patient care, ensuring that charges could be generated for hospital and clinic visits and providing adequate support to users as they navigated the transition. As these areas of focus arrive at a steady state, the next phase will shift the attention to ensuring eStar is working as designed, adjusting workflows and fine-tuning clinical content such as templates and notes.

Many clinical areas are still working very hard to make the system work for them, and the EpicLeap team is concentrating on fixing those areas first. However, in true VUMC form, some areas have advanced well past Stabilization to begin the Continuous Improvement phase, which focuses on enhancing eStar to make it easier for colleagues to do their jobs. In fact, several teams are already addressing projects that meet the criteria of work done during this project phase.

The EpicLeap team encourages colleagues to continue reporting any eStar-related issues through Pegasus and the Help Desk. Teams have heard that people are frustrated with the Help Desk and are working hard to improve how it functions. Now that there is a more manageable number of Help Desk tickets, teams anticipate a better experience for clinical staff and faculty. Help Desk visibility into issues will allow HealthIT teams to better prioritize which areas need immediate attention and will ultimately lead to quicker resolutions. Updates on issues that are impacting a wide range of employees across the Medical Center will continue to be broadly communicated.