December 7, 2017

EpicLeap team provides "refresher" training courses for ambulatory staff and providers

During early December, the EpicLeap team has been offering "refresher" courses for Vanderbilt colleagues who work in our outpatient clinics, including clinicians, nurses and front desk staff.

The EpicLeap team has been offering ongoing support for ambulatory clinicians who want to better understand how to utilize and optimize tools and functionality within eStar. Daily drop-in sessions are staffed by provider support specialists who can help with specific questions or ad hoc needs.  These had been held at Edward Curd Lane and One Hundred Oaks, and were scheduled to run through December 15. However, effective immediately, these sessions will no longer be offered. The resources used to staff the sessions at these locations will instead be re-deployed to assist with other high-priority issues where additional support and education are necessary. The drop-in sessions for ambulatory providers in the Critical Care Tower will continue as planned through Dec. 15.

“Refresher” training classes for ambulatory clinicians will also continue as planned through December 15. These two-hour classes are customized for ambulatory clinicians and focus on topics of concern identified by many clinics, such as InBasket management. Course content can be flexible, based on the needs of each class. Classes will be offered through Friday, December 15 (Monday to Friday) in the Training Centers at Critical Care Tower and One Hundred Oaks. Registration is required for these classes and is available in the Learning Exchange (search “Ambulatory Refresher”).

The Ambulatory Refresher Course for Front Desk Staff will cover a variety of topics, including Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaires (MSPQs), InBaskets and Work Queues. The EpicLeap team encourages clinics to send more experienced staff or Super Users to these courses so that they can bring the information back and help disseminate it among their colleagues. These classes will be offered through December 8 in both the Critical Care Tower and at One Hundred Oaks. Staff must register for these classes in the Learning Exchange (search "Front Desk Refresher") in order to attend.

Refresher training for clinic nurses will focus on InBaskets. Again, clinics are encouraged to send more experienced staff or Super Users to attend these courses. These classes are being offered through December 8 in the Critical Care Tower. Staff must register for these classes in the Learning Exchange (search "InBasket").