June 21, 2018

Study involving visual scanning needs participants 60 years old and older

Vanderbilt researchers are looking for people to participate in a study of eye movement. 

Principal Investigators: Nilanjan Sarkar, PhD

Student Researcher: Jazette Johnson

The purpose of this study is to explore how visual scanning can inform design of reminder systems. At the visit, you will be asked to answer some questions on your technology use. Then you play a common card game, known as Concentration, on the computer. Throughout the game there will be reminders that you will be asked to accomplish. We will be using an eye tracker that is attached to the computer to monitor where you are looking at specific times. At the end, you will be asked to complete a post-survey around your experience using the system.

Participants needed: Adults 60 years and up who are able to perform basic computer task such as moving the mouse and clicking things.

What is involved?

· 1 hour session at Vanderbilt University in the Engineering Building

  · Will be asked to complete a pre- and post- questionnaire

· Participants will play a common memory game, known as Concentration, on the computer. During play the participant will be asked to accomplished tasks within the game.


· Participant will receive a $25 gift card

Contact: For more information, please contact Jazette Johnson at jazette.johnson@vanderbilt.edu or 615-813-1673.