June 14, 2018

Wellcast: Employee Assistance Program offers information on living with a mental health condition.

Recent news coverage of the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain by suicide has shined a spotlight on how the stigma and shame associated with mental health issues can affect willingness to seek support. Within the past week, the CDC released data showing that suicide rates are up in nearly every state. As much as mental health is a topic of discussion and a frequent scapegoat for unexplainable tragedies, there remains limited understanding and funding for addressing psychological distress and decreasing the stigma of a mental health diagnosis.

One in five American adults experience some form of mental illness each year. People often assume someone who has a mental health diagnosis looks visibly different, cannot lead a productive life, or lacks positive relationships. In fact, recent studies suggest that 1 in 5 US employees has a mental health issue, but those same employees can be some of the most productive, loyal, and dependable within an organization. In this EAP Wellcast, Rosemary Cope, EAP Counselor, and Emma Finn, LMFT, RN-BC discuss how a diagnosis of a mental health condition can mark a new beginning of a happy and productive life rather define  or diminish a person and what they can contribute to society.


Department Website:  http://healthandwellness.vanderbilt.edu/work-life/