June 21, 2018

"Badge Tap" feature at CWS machines

On June 20, clinical workstations (CWS) throughout the Medical Center will have new functionality known as “Badge Tap.” This new functionality allows users to quickly access CWS desktops, including critical patient care applications such as eStar.

With Badge Tap, clinicians, nurses and other staff members no longer have to authenticate their sessions using a password or PIN number every time they use a CWS. Instead, after a one-time authentication that lasts four (4) hours, they can simply tap the supplied reader with their VUMC-issued badge (with magnetic stripe) on any CWS machine in the Medical Center and gain near-instant access to their CWS session. After four (4) hours, users will need to re-authenticate their session via password.

CWS users should review these instructions to best understand how to use the Badge Tap feature (which will be available on June 20).

Any problems with Badge Tap should be reported to the Help Desk at 615-343-HELP (4357) or by entering a Pegasus ticket.

Colleagues who do not have a Medical Center ID badge with a magnetic stripe should work with their supervisor to procure one.

Badge Tap will be available on shared workstations (SWS) later this year.