August 30, 2018

Simple Beginnings ceremony is tomorrow; donations accepted through today

On Friday, Aug. 31, the Biomedical Research, Eduction and Training (BRET) Office will hold the eighth annual Simple Beginnings ceremony at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. This event welcomes new PhD students in the biomedical sciences to the Vanderbilt community and commemorates the start of their research at Vanderbilt. Last year more than 200 family members and friends attended to learn about the research and professional development opportunities their students will have at Vanderbilt. The reception that follows the day’s activities provides a time of camaraderie and celebration for students, and their families and friends. 

Because of the generous support of faculty, staff, previous attendees and alumni, the BRET office has been able to organize this special ceremony and provide each student with a personalized lab coat signifying recognition as a new member of Vanderbilt's scientific research community.

Every $100 contribution provides not only a lab coat but also funds for student programming throughout the year. Organizers hope others will consider partnering with the BRET office to mark this meaningful event in the life of a new PhD student and to ensure that this tradition will continue for many years to come.

To be certain your gift goes to support Simple Beginnings, go online at Simple Beginnings Fund by Aug. 30. For more details or to view past year’s ceremonies, visit: