August 9, 2018

Guidance for proper use of eStar screenshots

Are you preparing materials for a journal submission, industry conference, blog article, or other outlet that you think would be strengthened through the use of screenshots from eStar? Keep in mind that, because eStar is considered the intellectual property of another organization (Epic), there are guidelines in place that limit how and when VUMC colleagues are permitted to use these screenshots. Furthermore, requests to use screenshots in your public-facing materials must go through an approval process managed by Epic.

Screenshots can be freely shared (without any required approval process) among the following audiences:

  • Internally within VUMC
  • With other Epic customers
  • At Epic-sponsored events such as UGM and XGM

In all cases, any materials that appear on a webpage must be password-protected, to ensure only members of these communities are able to view the materials.

Screenshots cannot be shared with the following audiences:

  • Epic competitors
  • Consultant groups that do not have a current agreement in place with an Epic customer

For all other instances and audiences, users should follow Epic’s content approval process, which requires the following information:

  • Purpose of use
  • Description of why screenshots are necessary
  • Scope of use
  • Audience
  • Expected distribution channel(s) for content
  • Intended goal
  • Necessary turnaround time (account for minimum of two weeks)

More guidance is available online at is Epic’s Galaxy site (Epic UserWeb account required—all VUMC users may establish one).

To streamline the process, all requests for content use should first be sent via email to* The eStar team will help ensure your request has all the necessary information and is ready to be sent to Epic.

Any public-facing content should also include a copyright notice—instructions are available within the same Galaxy article. Remember to remove patient information (or use fake patients) in all screenshots.

* Email is in process of being created. For requests before Aug. 5, please send directly to