September 13, 2018

eStar offers mobile app tips and updates other features

Are You Using eStar on Your Mobile Phone?

Users of Epic’s Haiku app can help maximize efficiency by following a few tips, all of which can be reviewed in detail in the Tip Sheet “Haiku Quick Tips to Improve Configuration” (available in the Learning Home Dashboard and Hubbl) . The Tip Sheet addresses:

  • Setting the default screen that works best for your workflow
  • Choosing the Patient List you want to see
  • Setting up the function keys at the bottom of the screen you will use
  • Accessing other functions in Haiku

eStar Changes and Updates

New Flex Beds Status

There is a new “Flex Beds” patient status available in the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU). In effect as of September 5, this new Phase of Care will allow patients being considered for surgery, who are referred to VUMC from outside facilities, to be admitted to the PACU as an inpatient if there are no beds available at VUMC.  

For more information, please refer to the “Flex Bed Admission and Phase of Care” Tip Sheet, as well as the updated “Phases of Care” Tip Sheet, both available in the Learning Home Dashboard and Hubbl.

Declined Cosigns

Beginning Sept. 14, orders declined for cosign by outpatient clinicians will be routed to a “Declined Cosign Orders” folder in In Basket. Declined cosign messages will require the original ordering user to take action to ensure the patient receives appropriate treatment/guidance.

All ordering users and clinicians are responsible for:

  • Monitoring their In Baskets
  • Taking action on declined cosign orders
  • Taking appropriate course of action for the patient

View the Tip Sheet “Declined Cosign Orders” (available within Learning Home Dashboard and Hubbl) for more information.