January 17, 2019

VandyPoint SharePoint Service no longer available in early 2019

In the fourth quarter of FY 2019 (April – June 2019), the legacy VandyPoint SharePoint service, a shared project between HealthIT and VUMC IT, will no longer be supported. Users that serve as owners or administrators of an existing VandyPoint SharePoint site will need to work with the SharePoint team to make decisions and take certain actions throughout early 2019.

These decision points and actions include:

  • Determine if you own/administer a VandyPoint SharePoint site
  • Review site content to determine future needsfor content
  • Assess options for future hostingof site content
  • Place Pegasus ticket if site content needs to be migrated to another SharePoint service


1. Will all SharePoint sites be taken down or need to be migrated?

No, only sites hosted by the VandyPoint service will be affected by this change.


2. How do I know if I own or administer a VandyPoint site?

If your SharePoint site contains the following URL, you may own or administer a VandyPoint site: https://vandypoint.mc.vanderbilt.edu/.


3. How do I know if I am the owner or administrator and not just a contributor?

To tell if you are the owner or administrator of a VandyPoint site:

  • Click “Site Actions” in upper left corner
  • Select “Site Permissions” from menu
  • From new screen that opens, look in “Site Collection Administrators” or for security group that contains the word “Owners”

If you are a contributor, please get in touch with the owner or administrator and encourage them to take the recommended actions outlined in this article. If the owner/administrator is no longer with VUMC, please work with other listed contributors to determine who will take responsibility to review site content and take necessary action. 


4. How should I review the content on my VandyPoint site?

Some criteria to consider when reviewing:

  • Is the content relevant to an active project?
  • How long has it been since you accessed the site or used this information?
  • Are listed team members still with VUMC?
  • Does your content contain PHI?
  • Do you need many colleagues to have access to or edit the content?
  • Do you need this information for record keeping or future projects?


5. What if we haven’t touched the content in months or even years?

Please determine if the content needs to be archived in any way—if so, consider a VUMC-managed network share as detailed in Question 6 below.If you do not need the content archived, no further action is needed. 


6. What options are available for hosting this content?

VUMC IT provides a number of robust tools that colleagues can use for communication and collaboration. More detail on these tools can be found on the VUMC IT website. If you need assistance assessing these options, please contact sharepoint@vumc.org and a team member can help. Options include:

  • Solutions for long-term file storage

Consider using a VUMC-managed network share.  You can find more information on what a network share is and how to request one here:  https://www.vumc.org/it/nasbackuprecovery.

  • Solutions for document collaboration only

Box is an ideal solution. More information on the features available from Box can be found on the .

  • Solutions for document collaboration, with options for shared calendars, wikis and/or list creation 

SharePoint is generally recommended for active projects that require engagement from multiple team members. In addition to document collaboration services, SharePoint offers a host of other tools that administrators can provide for their users.  


7. I do need my content migrated to another SharePoint site—what should I do?

If you have a SharePoint site that needs to migrate, a team member will work with you to move your content to the Enterprise SharePoint 2013 service. Please start the process as soon as possible by submitting the following Pegasus Request: https://pegasus.mc.vanderbilt.edu/request/discover/info/?id=308&type=0&from=%2frequest%2fdiscover%2fresults%2f%3ft%3dvumc%2520it%2520sharepoint%26s%3d&s=) or search Pegasus for Request type: VUMC IT COLLABORATION – NEW SHAREPOINT SITE COLLECTION. 


Please note in the request that you have an existing VandyPoint site and would like to migrate the content to a new SharePoint 2013 site.  Not all VandyPoint sites are able to be automatically migrated to the SharePoint 2013 environment and may require the site owner or administrator to manually migrate their own content. 


8. When is the “due date” for getting this completed?

A final decommissioning date has not yet been determined, but will take place in Q4 (April-June) of FY2019. Please start the process now to avoid losing important data.


9. What happens if I don’t do anything?

VandyPoint sites with owners that do not take action or provide information may be taken down and information irretrievably lost. 


10. What if I have a questionor need help?

Please contact us at sharepoint@vumc.org.