January 10, 2019

Watch out for scam calls about office supplies

Employees across the Medical Center should be vigilant and aware of recent phone calls from scammers claiming to be from office supply vendors. The scammers claim they are selling print supplies such as toner, paper staples, etc., and that there is an imminent cost increase to supplies – before offering a discount if the employee purchases immediately.

According to the Medical Center’s Sourcing and Purchasing Policy (FIN 10.1) VUMC employees should purchase supplies, equipment and services using the contracts and methods set forth by the VUMC Supply Chain in order to minimize expenses and establish reorder procedures. Employees have several options for making purchases, including online catalogues and credit cards. Purchase approval authority is outlined in the VUMC Delegation of Authority Policy (FIN 13.0).  

VUPD is aware of the phone scam. Employees that think they may have been a victim are encouraged to contact the VUPD non-emergency line at (615) 322-2745.