February 14, 2019

eStar update: Changes to Foley catheters for Adult Hospital

Beginning Feb.12, updates have been made to the order panel for Foley catheters in the adult hospital (VUH). These updates have been made to facilitate the correct ordering process and to help clarify instructions for discontinuing the catheters.

Removal of Foley catheters when no longer needed is an important way to prevent UTIs and promote patient safety.

The new Foley Order Panel offers three options:

  1. Foley catheter – Follow VUMC nursing-directed discontinuation protocol
  2. Foley catheter – EXCLUDE from VUMC nursing-directed discontinuation protocol
  3. Foley catheter – Designated discontinuation date

Clinicians should Refer to Tip Sheet “Inpatient VUH Provider – Foley Catheter Orders Change (available in Hubbl) for more information on these three options.

Nurses can refer to Tip Sheet “Foley Catheter Orders: VUH Nurse (available in Hubbl) for more information on how to locate these orders.