April 18, 2019

VandyWorks - Infor Workforce Manager upgrade scheduled

In June, the staffing and scheduling application VandyWorks - Infor™ Workforce Manager will undergo a maintenance upgrade. The upgrade will take place June 19 and will have minimal impact for most of its 16,000-plus users. This majority, who uses the system for tasks such as viewing schedules and submitting requests for time off, will notice:

  • Refreshed look to the login screen
  • Updated calendar display

For the colleagues that use VandyWorks for self-scheduling, there will be some exciting new features to better manage team and shift needs, including:

  • Updated display for the self-schedule calendar
  • New “Shift Billboard” functionality that will facilitate pick-up shifts and inter-unit floating

Training for the new self-scheduling features will be delivered via an interactive, online module in the Learning Exchange. The training team is finalizing this module and will announce its release in an upcoming version of “VandyWorks News You Can Use,” which is published every other week and sent to VandyWorks users.

Additional training for Relief Staff Leaders (RSLs) of self-scheduling teams will also be delivered via an online module in the Learning Exchange and will be assigned to RSLs in May 2019. The training will focus on functionality such as:

  • Bringing in an on-call employee
  • Adding in a new shift
  • Booking off a partial shift for a staff member

The most in-depth training related to the upgrade will be for Clinical Shift Leaders (CSLs), managers and educators and will focus on self-schedule set up, management of shift billboard shifts and Advanced Schedule View functions. These are in-person, classroom sessions and are currently being held in in Oxford House and 2525 West End. These individuals can sign up for this course in the Learning Exchange (VandyWorks Admin: New Release Training for Scheduling Teams)

Questions about VandyWorks or the new release? Contact the team at: vandyworks@vumc.org