July 25, 2019

Applications open for MSCI course, Clinical Trials; deadline is July 31

MSCI 5044 Clinical Trials—Limited Space Available for Special Students

The MSCI 5044 Clinical Trials course has limited space available for Special Students interested in enrolling in the course.  This course will cover design and data analysis for clinical trials in biomedical research. Primary topics include specification of study objectives, design options, ethical guidelines, randomization, blinding, sample size determination and power analysis, interim monitoring and data analysis appropriate for parallel, crossover, nested, factorial and group allocation designs. Other topics include role of FDA in the drug approval process, adaptive trial designs, non-inferiority trials and bio-equivalence trials. Emphasis is on practical use of methods rather than formal statistical theory.

Course Dates: Monday, Oct. 28 – Friday, November 15, 2019; Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 11 a.m.

Cost: $4,839 tuition (3 credit hours); $100 transcript fee (one-time)

Contact: MSCI@vanderbilt.edu

Deadline to Apply: July 31

·Eligible employees of VUMC may use their VUMC tuition benefits to help cover a portion of tuition costs if qualified.  Please confirm tuition benefit rates and eligibility.

·Auditing MSCI courses are not allowed.

·The purchase of textbooks, software, and other research supplies is the responsibility of the Special Student.