January 19, 2010

Voicemail Access Clarification

The new Vanderbilt voicemail system is now live. With the roll out of this new system, there appears to be some confusion about how to access new messages and how to access old messages. Please read on for clarification and share this information with others as needed.

Individual Voice Mailboxes:
• If you haven’t set up your new voice mailbox yet, please follow the instructions at http://its.vanderbilt.edu/voicemail.

• If you’ve already set up your new voice mailbox and want to retrieve messages, dial 6-0000 using your new password.

• If you have a roll-over line that is forwarded to voicemail, please verify that it is still forwarded to 6-0000

• If you have messages on the old voicemail system that you need to replay, dial 5-0000 using your old password. This option is only available until the old system is shut down in June.

Departments with “caller’s menus” (a.k.a. “phone trees” or “ECPs”):
Note: Because caller’s menus have not yet been migrated to the new voicemail system, all voicemail activity remains on the old system.

• If you have a voice mailbox as part of a caller’s menu or phone tree, dial 5-0000 using the old password to retrieve messages.

• If you manually change forwarding for caller’s menus, please forward to 2-1111 (instead of 6-0000). This is temporary until your menu is moved to the new system.

• ITS will migrate callers’ menus one-by-one in the upcoming weeks/months and will coordinate these moves with each department.

Most questions can be answered by going to http://its.vanderbilt.edu/voicemail.

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