January 21, 2010

Kindergarten and First Grade Children Reasearch Volunteers Needed

Counting on the Brain: Research on Math and Brain Development (pilot study)

Participant Criteria
Children ages 5 to 7 and in kindergarten or first grade.
We are interested in what children understand about math and number ideas. We want to look for connections between what they learn and how their brain grows and changes.
We will ask families to come for up to 3 visits.

During the first visit, we will ask children to:
• answer questions and take puzzle-like tests
• practice laying still in a pretend MRI

During the first visit, we will ask their parents to:
• answer questions about your family and
• answer questions about your child's experiences and behaviors.

If we both agree, you will come back for two more visits. During these visits, parents can stay with their child.

During the second visit, we will ask children to lie still in the MRI scanner:
• while playing the Sally the Scientist game
• while watching a movie of your choice

During the third visit, we will ask children to:
• wear a stretchy, damp cap that records the child's brain activity
• play the Sally the Scientist game.

$10 an hour, testing bonuses and mileage

Contact Information
Hilda Fehd, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator: Bruce McCandliss, Ph.D.
Other researchers: Ed Hubbard, Ph.D., Hilda Fehd, Ph.D.