January 21, 2010

Summer Tuition Discount for VU Faculty/Staff Dependents Available. Deadline for Forms is April 19

The summer tuition discount is a way for college students to take VU summer courses at half the tuition rate — without affecting the tuition benefit they can enjoy during the normal academic year.

VU Faculty/Staff Dependent Tuition Discount
Dependent students of Vanderbilt staff or faculty can enroll in 3 to 18 credit hours during Summer Session and pay half the cost of the regular Summer Session tuition for all undergraduate courses offered on campus. For example, a VU dependent student taking undergraduate-level summer classes can enroll in 15-18 credit hours for $9,408. This is a 50 percent discount from the regular price of $18,816. The tuition discount applies only to on-campus summer courses; it does not apply to housing, off-campus or abroad summer courses, books, Blair music fees, or any other non-tuition expenses.

For dependent students of Vanderbilt staff or faculty, tuition for hours fewer than 15 or more than 18 is charged at the rate of $627 per hour. This is a 50 percent discount from the regular price of $1,254 per hour.

This offering would be distinct and independent from the tuition benefit administered by Human Resources. It has no bearing on the eight-semester rule, waiting period or the 24-semester family limit.

The Summer Sessions Tuition Discount for Dependents form must be submitted to HR Processing by April 19.

Students who are not regular Vanderbilt students will enroll through the Division of Unclassified Studies and will have to meet DUS enrollment standards. Summer session courses would be available first to current Vanderbilt students, and then to these DUS students on a first-come, first-enrolled basis. April 26 is the deadline for DUS applications for May Session; May 24 for first session; and June 28 for the second session.

Rules and Regulations for VU dependents:
Do you have to be part of the HR tuition benefit program? No, but the student must be validated as a qualified dependent by the Vanderbilt HR Office before April 19. See the Vanderbilt HR Office Web site for this process. This discount only applies to those students who are qualified dependents of full-time faculty and staff employees of Vanderbilt. “Qualified” means that they are within the IRS guidelines for being considered dependent children. Full-time employment status means that the staff member has completed at least the 90-day probationary period and is scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week.

Must the dependent be enrolled in or accepted to college either at Vanderbilt or elsewhere? Yes, this discount applies to all qualified dependent children of full-time faculty and staff who are attending college.

Summer Sessions Tuition Discount for Dependents form http://www.vanderbilt.edu/summersessions/Summer%20Discount.pdf 

Who are the contacts for this tuition discount?
Consult the Vanderbilt HR Web site for the form to initiate this process. Vanderbilt students should contact their school registrars to register for courses. Non-Vanderbilt students should contact the Division of Unclassified Studies to register and apply for courses. registrar.vanderbilt.edu/dus http://registrar.vanderbilt.edu/dus/index.htm

Information on this summer tuition discount is available at: www.vanderbilt.edu/summersessions