January 26, 2010

Vshare, New E-mail Limits Allow Easier Online Sharing of Large Files

ITS has launched a new online file sharing service to enable students, faculty and staff to more easily share large files such as photographs, presentations and videos, and has expanded the size of attachments that can be sent via e-mail. Both new services are designed to facilitate collaboration by students, faculty and staff with their colleagues on campus and at other institutions.

The new online sharing service, Vshare, allows anyone with a valid VUnet ID to upload and share files too large to be sent via e-mail. Files up to 700 MB in size, approximately the same amount of information that can be burned to a CD, can be uploaded. Though only members of the Vanderbilt community can upload files, they can share these files with anyone, on campus or off. Files will stay on Vshare for seven days before being automatically removed.

Access Vshare at http://vshare.vanderbilt.edu. Vshare should not be used to transmit, store or process any sensitive or privacy-protected information.

In addition to Vshare, all e-mail users can now send attachments up to 30 MB in size through the Vanderbilt e-mail system. The previous limit was 10-20 MB. (Note that other e-mail systems outside of Vanderbilt may have limits smaller than 30 MB and may not be able to receive large attachments).

Contact: its@vanderbilt.edu or 343-9999.