January 28, 2010

Nominate a Leader for the Next Five Pillar Leader Award

All leaders serving VUMC are eligible, with the exception of executive leadership, guided by the following criteria:

• Nominees in a leadership position for at least one year.
• Nominees must be in good standing and nominations must be supported by “one up” leader.
• Nominations may be made by any faculty or staff member. Self-nominations are not accepted.
•Nominees must demonstrate practices that impact success across the five pillars and demonstrate Credo behavior.

Supporting documentation may include:

• Community Survey results
• Turnover and retention rates
• Patient satisfaction data
• Quality data
• Research awards
• Financial performance data
• Innovative implementations that improve performance
• Departmental/interdepartmental survey data
• Recognition data  and emonstration of the Credo behaviors
• Illustrative stories

Please click the link below to submit a nomination form.