February 2, 2010

The Academy for Excellence in Teaching is Currently Accepting Nominations for New Members

The Academy for Excellence in Teaching within Vanderbilt University School of Medicine is currently accepting nominations for new members (deadline for receipt  is March 5).

Nominations can be submitted by Academy members, departmental chairs, teaching colleagues, students and candidates themselves. The primary criterion for achieving Academy membership is sustained and demonstrated excellence as an educator.

A potential Academy member should be a thought leader with a passion for working with educational colleagues to implement forward-thinking ideas that will serve to advance the educational enterprise at VUSM.

In most cases, the nominee should have proven his/her excellence through teaching performance, such as in a class/course/program that fulfills the educational missions of VUSM (one-on-one mentoring, small groups, at the bedside, in the lecture setting, UME, GME, CME, graduate school, patients, etc). Documented evidence of excellence in scholarly activities (ex: publications, national leadership) will also be considered prime criterion for membership.

Evaluation will be based upon a composite consideration of tangible and intangible elements such as a teaching portfolio, communication skills, measurable student outcomes, student evaluations, formal peer evaluation, creative scholarly pursuits, recommendations and a reflective teaching statement.

Membership packets should be submitted to the director of the Academy by March 5, who will convey these to the Academy’s membership committee for review. Membership packets will consist of 1) a teaching portfolio 2) a reflective teaching statement and 3) letters of recommendation.

Details about the Academy and the components of an educator’s portfolio are available at the Academy Web site at https://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/aet/.

Questions about the membership process should be addressed to Lillian Nanney, Ph.D., director of the Academy for Excellence in Teaching, S-2221 MCN, 322-7265, lillian.nanney@vanderbilt.edu, or
Art Wheeler, M.D., membership chair, art.wheeler@vanderbilt.edu.