February 9, 2010

Steam Conservation Under Way

In the past six days, the Vanderbilt steam plant has lost 30 percent of its capacity due to an equipment malfunction in the boilers.

Work is under way, around the clock, to repair the damage and acquire portable backup capacity. These efforts will require a minimum of five days.

In order to insure the protection of our patients and extremely sensitive areas like Animal Care, we have instructed Plant Services to implement the emergency steam plan. While patient and animal care areas will go unaffected, other areas will experience cooler temperatures and less control (thermostats will not respond as quickly for cooling or heating).

We do not expect these changes to require an alteration of work schedules but recommend staff dress for slightly cooler work environments. You can help by lowering the thermostat setting in your work area/office.

Thank you for your patience. 

Ken Browning
Director of Medical Center Plant Operations