Special Edition February 26, 2010

New OB Emergency Team to start March 1

The Women's Patient Care Center would like to announce the initiation of an OB Emergency Team (OBET), which will start March 1.

OBET is a multidisciplinary team comprised of the physician, attending certified nurse midwife, residents, anesthesia attending, senior resident, labor and delivery charge nurse and resource nurse, scrub techs and the NICU code team.

The OBET will respond to obstetrical emergencies on Labor and Delivery, 4 South VUH, 4th Floor MCE, adult Emergency Department, pediatric Emergency Department and other patient units at VUMC with OB patients.

Examples of situations for which the OBET should be called include delivery off of Labor and Delivery, post-partum hemorrhage, maternal seizure, prolonged fetal heart rate deceleration, shoulder dystocia, stat C-section, cord prolapse, or any other obstetric emergency.

To activate the OBET, staff should call 1-1111 from any hospital telephone. The person calling should state “I need the OB Emergency Team” and be prepared to give the location, room number and type of obstetrical emergency to the dispatcher. The OBET does not replace the RRT or the code team for non-obstetrical emergencies.