February 25, 2010

Research Study on Dry Eye Disease at Vanderbilt Eye Institute

Dear Vanderbilt community,

Dr. Uyen Tran is conducting a phase IV research study of patients with dry eye disease at The Vanderbilt Eye Institute. The goal of this study is to develop a better understanding of the natural history of dry eye disease.

The targeted population is adult patients with dry eye disease. In addition, there will be a group of 40 to 50 gender- and age-matched control subjects enrolled into this study.

Eligible subjects must:

• Be at least age 55 if male or, if female, at least 40 with perimenopausal symptoms (or post menopausal)
• Have dry eye disease
• Have moderate to severe eye surface discomfort and symptoms of unhealthy tears
• Be willing to attend 6 study visits over a period of 24 months
• Not have a history of herpes keratitis, varizella zoster or allergic conjunctivitis
• Not use or plan to use topical glaucoma medications during the course of the study
• Not have had cataract surgery, LASIK, LASEK, or PRK procedure within the past 12 months

Eligible subjects will receive eye exams at no cost and will be compensated for their time. There may be reasons why you would not be eligible to participate, and we will discuss this with you.

For more information or to find out if you qualify, please contact Christine Franklin at christine.franklin@vanderbilt.edu or by phone at 936-1639.