Special Edition February 26, 2010

Sleep Apnea Research Study

Researchers at Vanderbilt are seeking healthy adults with diagnosed or suspected obstructive sleep apnea for a study examining blood clotting factors and blood vessel function.

Inclusion criteria:
• Age 18 or older.
• Have diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea that has not yet been treated with surgery or CPAP, or
• Have suspected obstructive sleep apnea based on symptoms.
• No major medical or mental health conditions.

Participation involves one 26-hour stay at the GCRC (General Clinical Research Center) for blood collection, an overnight sleep study and non-invasive tests to measure blood vessel function.

Compensation is available for study completion.

Because we are looking at risk factors that may be associated with cardiovascular disease, there are certain lifestyle and health conditions that may exclude people from participating in our study.

For more information, please contact Kay Artibee, R.N., at sleepresearch@vanderbilt.edu.