April 8, 2010

Reseach Study on Imaging Brain Chemistry in Adults Age 18-50 with Depression

Do you suspect you are depressed and are interested in contributing to research? If you are not currently taking medication, you may be qualified.

Participant Criteria
• adults age 18-50 with depression
• who are not currently taking medication for their depression
• who are not pregnant or nursing a child

We are interested in the levels of certain brain chemicals in the brains of people with depression. We are using imaging tools to help us understand where dopamine is made or is active when a person is depressed.

We hope to enroll 5 or 6 people before August.

If you are interested, we can provide a clinical diagnosis of your depression, a complete physical with blood and urine tests, a DVD of your brain scan and referrals for treatment options after the study.

Each visit depends upon completing the one before. We will ask you to:
• Call or e-mail to be screened over the phone.
• On your first visit, answer questions about your life, give blood and receive $50.
• On your second visit, get an evaluation of how your brain is working by answering more detailed questions and getting an MRI, and receive $150.
• On your third and fourth visit, lie still during a series of lengthy brain scans and receive $200 for each.

$600 for completion of all visits

Contact Information
Robert Hilton, M.Ed.
343-0854 or rob.hilton@vanderbilt.edu
Researchers: Robert Kessler, M.D., Richard Shelton, M.D. and David Zald, Ph.D.