April 8, 2010

Fourth Annual Great Ideas in Vanderbilt Medical Education (GIVME) Awards

The Office for Teaching and Learning in Medicine (OTLM) is now accepting proposals for innovative pilot research and development projects for teaching and learning at Vanderbilt.

School of Medicine faculty, fellows and house staff may submit proposals for UME, GME, CME and Laboratory Sciences projects. In general, three $5,000 awards will be available that will commence on July 1.

This year, Great Ideas in Vanderbilt Medical Education (GIVME) will provide up to three awards related to one or more of the broad priorities where VUSM and OTLM are engaged in research and development efforts. Awards will ordinarily be $5,000 for each accepted project, but may vary slightly according to each request. A senior educational researcher will be assigned to each award recipient to assist in the successful completion of the project. The priorities for this year’s awards are:
• Continuous learning from core competencies across the continuum (UME, GME, CME)
• An outcomes innovation for assessing students or evaluating educational programs
• Curriculum development, especially in e-learning or other new technologies
• Simulation education and research

The RFP for GIVME awards is available through the OTLM Web site at: http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/medschool/otlm/givme.html.

If you have any further questions about the award purpose or process, please e-mail John.shatzer@vanderbilt.edu.