May 3, 2010

Work/Life Connections EAP Offers Counseling, Hardship Fund


Work/Life Connections-EAP is available to help our faculty and staff process the emotional trauma of their losses. We can let you know about any of the available community resources.

The Vanderbilt Faculty and Staff Hardship Fund may be a resource as well.

 Faculty and Staff who were impacted by the recent floods and need some emergency assistance, please call 936-1327 to make an 30 minute appointment with one of the Work/Life Connections-EAP Counselors.
A  gift card can be awarded upon completing an abbreviated Hardship Fund application and brief interview as clients of Work/Life Connections-EAP office. Some proof of hardship is useful (picture, etc) for documentation purposes.

The eligibility will be based upon employment. Work/Life Connections- EAP will also have some information about other resources and provide emotional support over the long haul.

As always, we welcome donations to the Hardship Fund so that we can continue to help our faculty and staff in times of need.