May 3, 2010

Message from the Vice Chancellor

Flood and water damage has impacted countless homes, vehicles, and businesses. Sadly, many of our Vanderbilt faculty, staff, students, and their families are severely impacted by the devastation. It will be days, weeks, and months before lives can be rebuilt. In short, we are facing a serious humanitarian crisis that demands our compassion, our creativity, and our focused commitment.

I want each of you to feel reassured that you are a valued part of the Vanderbilt family, and as always, we work as a team. If you and your family have experienced hardship as a result of the flood, we want you to know that assistance is forthcoming. Just as you have faithfully gone about the important responsibility of caring for our patients, and supporting our missions in education and discovery, we understand it is now important to do what we can to help those members of our family in need.

To this end, a task force has already begun establishing a clear set of processes to assess the needs of those impacted, and how best to respond. Already, Work/Life Connections-EAP is available to help faculty and staff begin to deal with their losses. Tomorrow, through Tuesday's regular MyVUMC, there will be more information forthcoming about our needs assessment process, and how we can work together to begin the healing process during this difficult time.

In the meantime, faculty and staff who need emergency assistance should call 936-1327 and arrange to see one of our Work/Life Connections-EAP Counselors.

Jeff Balser, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
Dean, School of Medicine