May 5, 2010

Procurement and Disbursement Services Launches Purchase-to-Pay Website and the Gold Guide Buying Tool

Procurement and Disbursement Services (PDS) redesigned its website to feature a user-friendly Purchase-to-Pay layout and introduces the Gold Guide buying tool. The new site provides all previous information plus new and enhanced information.

Need to purchase or pay for something? It is now easier for you to find the PDS information and tools you need according to where you are in the Purchase-to-Pay process.

Not sure how or where to purchase something? Try the Gold Guide which enables you to search by product or service to find Vanderbilt-approved suppliers. Searches provide you with the following information in a consolidated view:
• Approved suppliers
• The preferred purchasing methods — procurement, Pcard, requisition, check request, etc. — for each product/service or supplier
• Contact information for purchasing agents and suppliers.
You can also search the Gold Guide by supplier name or by categories such as diversity and green initiatives.

Click here to visit our new website.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Click here for a site index.

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