May 11, 2010

Aida Yared, M.D., Receives the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Candle Award

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine students are pleased to announce that Aida Yared, M.D., is the latest recipient of the VUSM Candle Award. Yared is an assistant professor of Pediatrics. The honor was presented this week by Elyne Kahn (VMS III) at grand rounds for the Department of Pediatrics.

The Candle Award is given by Vanderbilt medical students to faculty, house staff and others at VUMC who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to the education of medical students.

Yared mentors third- and fourth-year medical students rotating through the Pediatric Acute Care Clinic at the Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Students had the following to say about Yared:

"She is a wonderful teacher. She is always willing to take time with students in the her hectic clinic. She seeks to observe students not only in presentations, but also in interactions with children and families. She consistently provides thoughtful, formative feedback after each clinical encounter she observes."

"Whenever there was an interesting physical finding in the clinic, regardless of how busy we were, she would ensure that I had the opportunity to examine the patient and appreciate the finding."

"She is particularly attentive to the family dynamics of her patients. She is one of the few physicians that I have encountered this year who really challenges students to consider the larger picture within which a patient lives, and to make efforts to understand the needs of the parents and family as much as the needs of the patient. An example is her insistence on never using the word 'just', which often serves to invalidate a parent's concerns for their child. I was advised never to tell a parent 'It's just a cold,' or 'He just needs some Motrin for his fever.' Rather, I was instructed to tell parents 'Your child has a cold. Here's what you can do for him.' and thus both validate the concern that brought them to the clinic in the first place and empower the parent to help their child."

"She consistently challenged me to be thoughtful and thorough in my approach to pediatric patients. I can definitively say that I am a better medical student, and likely will be better physician, thanks to the time that I spent with Dr. Yared."