May 20, 2010

Study on Children's Attitudes Toward Their Peers with Hearing Aids

Study Title: "What's that in your ear? Children's attitudes toward their peers with hearing aids"

Participant Criteria: Typically developing children with normal hearing or hearing loss (who wear hearing aids) who are currently in the second grade (ages 6-7) or fourth or fifth grade (ages 9-10)

Description: This study will look at how children perceive other children with disabilities. The information collected in this study will help us understand peer attitudes toward children with disabilities in the classroom, particularly hearing loss.

During a one-hour visit at Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center, children will be asked to look at photographs of children, answer questions about the pictures and answer questions about their experiences with children with disabilities.

Contact: E-mail Lindsey Rentmeester at or call 936-5139

Principal Investigator: Anne Marie Tharpe, Ph.D.
Other researchers: Lindsey Rentmeester, B.S.