June 1, 2010

Adult Participants Needed for a Research Study on Depression

Does the way depressed adults view emotion affect how they feel?

Participant Criteria:
Adults, age 18 to 55 who are depressed but not currently taking antidepressant medication Our research study looks at the process by which our thoughts and emotions are affected by pictures of others' emotions. We can look at this using brain imaging tools. We think depression may make a difference in how people process emotion.

Being part of this study would require two visits:
• The first visit would include a clinical interview and self-report questionnaires. The completion of this visit may take two to three hours. Some people will be asked to come back for a second visit.
• The second visit is a magnetic resonance imaging session. As you lie still in the scanner, positive, negative and neutral emotional images and statements will be presented on a computer screen and via head phones. We will ask you to push buttons and make judgments about the things you see and hear. We will also measure your body's emotional reactions with two finger sensors. The second visit should take about one hour.

$40 if you complete both days, $20 for the first day only

Contact Information: Morgan Shields at 343-2094 or morgan.r.shields@vanderbilt.edu.

Principal investigator: Richard Shelton, M.D.
Other researchers: Merida Grant, Ph.D.