June 10, 2010

Those Who Don't Change ePassword Will be Locked Out June 15

In order to comply with Vanderbilt’s annual password change requirement everyone has been asked to change their ePassword. All those who have not done so are strongly urged to do so right away, as the deadline is June 15. These people will be sent daily e-mail reminders until they change their password.

There may be concern that this is a phishing attempt and not a genuine request from Vanderbilt. To confirm authenticity, visit the Vanderbilt home page, articles in MyVU or MyVUMC, or check with your local support staff or help desk.

Please change your ePassword before June 15 or it will be locked. If your ePassword becomes locked, you will be unable to log in to any system using your VUnetID and ePassword except for the ePassword management site itself. Your ePassword pairs with your VUnetID, which grants access to many online systems at Vanderbilt. For faculty and staff, the systems include C2HR, e-mail, the Vanderbilt directory, online library resources, online storage and many other systems within departments and across Vanderbilt.

For students those systems include VU Gmail, YES (Your Enrollment Services), OAK, and others. You will lose access to these systems and others if you don’t change your password.

To change your ePassword, go to the Vanderbilt homepage and type /passwordchange in the web address after vanderbilt.edu, then follow the instructions.

Note: Password changes can take up to 15 minutes to propagate to all systems. For questions or assistance, contact your local technology support professional, the ITS Help Desk at 343-9999, or the VUMC Help Desk at 343-HELP.