June 15, 2010

Working On Rapid Language Development is Looking for Parents and Toddlers to Study Language Development

Are you concerned about your toddler’s language development? The KidTalk project is looking for children to participate in a study examining language development in young children. Children are tested to see if they meet study criteria.

We are looking for parent(s) and their 24 to 42-month-old children with:
• Typical language and thinking skills or,
• Language delays and typical thinking skills

Eligible children (with and without language delays) will receive:
• Complete language assessments four times over 16 months at no charge.
• Assessment reports that tell you if your child needs additional help, and if so, where to find help.
• Some money for your time.

Children with language delays:
• Will be randomly chosen to receive KidTalk intervention or will be referred for community-based intervention.
• If assigned to the intervention group, will receive 24-28, one-hour KidTalk intervention sessions, two times per week, where parents will learn language teaching strategies.

Investigators: Ann Kaiser, Ph.D., and Stephen Camarata, Ph.D.

Megan Roberts, M.S.