June 15, 2010

The Health Plus Aerobic Challenge is Back

The Aerobic Challenge is a three-month fitness program encouraging group fitness class participation. It began on May 19 and will end on Aug. 19. You can sign-up at any time.

Earn 45 points or more and get your name in a drawing for one of four $25 gift cards to Dick’s Sporting Goods

Try different bonus classes each week for three extra points each. View the points earned per class.

The big finale: On Aug. 19 the Challenge will end with a Superclass which combines four different exercise classes (some form of cardio, strength and flexibility) into two hours (5-7p.m.) of jam packed fitness fun. Come for all or part of the class.

Download the Aerobic Challenge flyer for more information.

Health Plus is part of Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness.