June 29, 2010

Parents in a Pinch Services Offered to Vanderbilt Benefits-eligible Faculty and Staff

The Vanderbilt Child and Family Center will soon offer two options for the provision of back-up, evening and night care, and emergency care for adults and children — the Vanderbilt Sitter Service and Parents in a Pinch.

 Beginning July 1, Parents in a Pinch services will be offered to Vanderbilt benefits-eligible faculty and staff. Faculty and staff may use up to 20 days combined of childcare and adult care each contract year.

Learn more about Parents in a Pinch backup adult care.

Learn more about Parents in a Pinch backup child care.

View the comparison chart of the two programs to choose the one that is right for your needs.

Learn more about the Sitter Service.

The Child and Family Center is part of Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness.