July 15, 2010

Microsoft Live Services Account Update Needed

If you use your vanderbilt.edu e-mail as your log in to Microsoft services such as Live Messenger, Live Mesh, XBOX Live, Zune, etc., you will need to change your account information by July 29.

You will not lose access to any of these services; you simply need to change your log in name so it does not include the vanderbilt.edu domain name. You will need a different identity, in the form of an e-mail address from another domain (such as hotmail.com, gmail.com, yahoo.com, comcast.net, etc.).

You may use an address you already have, or you may secure a new one for this purpose. (E-mail addresses that already have a Live identity associated with them, such as an existing Hotmail or Live.com account, cannot be used.)

Current account owners who need to change their information will be contacted by both Vanderbilt and Microsoft with details on how to make the change. If you attempt to use Windows Live Messenger after the cutoff date and you have not changed the e-mail address associated with your Windows Live ID account, you will be prompted to do so at that time and will need to do so before you can continue use of the service.

Users are being asked to change this information on personal accounts because all members of the Vanderbilt community are going to be eligible for a Live ID account for work/business purposes and programs tied to their VUnetID and ePassword as part of Vanderbilt’s partnership with Microsoft.

This will give Vanderbilt community members access to several Microsoft services including Microsoft Skydrive (25 GB storage) and other Windows Live services. These services will be accessible using your VUnetID and ePassword and should be available in the coming year.

In addition, over the coming year, members of the Vanderbilt community who use Microsoft Office Communicator as a unified communications tool will be able to collaborate with most major vendors, including Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL, Google Talk and others. This will include instant messaging, presence awareness, and, in some cases, audio and video conferencing.

This does not in any way impact the users of e-mail.

To learn more about this change, go to: http://its.vanderbilt.edu/LiveID/FAQ.

Contact: Information Technology Services, 343-9999