July 27, 2010

New Smoking Policy for Academic Campus Begins Aug. 1

There will be fewer places to smoke on campus starting Aug. 1 when a new smoking policy for the university will take effect. Smoking on the academic campus will now be limited to outdoor sites that will have signs that read “designated smoking area” and cigarette urns for disposal.

While smoking is not permitted in any university building, there were previously no restrictions on smoking outside on the academic campus. Under the new policy, smoking is now prohibited outside except in the designated smoking areas. The new policy is a change for the academic campus only. Smoking is already limited on the medical center campus to outdoor locations along that campus’ perimeter.

The offices of the Provost and the Dean of Students worked with Campus Planning and Construction to craft the new policy and determine the designated smoking locations.

A new website – www.vanderbilt.edu/smokingpolicy – outlines the new policy and includes maps indicating the designated smoking areas.